If you love the theatre, chances are youíll get a kick out of this clever, slapstick comedy about the business of staging a play. And if thereís something familiar about it, itís undoubtedly the fact that it has the feel of a Woody Allen work. This isnít a bad thing; itís all done extremely well Ė and by a New York theatre company, which gives it an authentic Allen air.
what do you mean opens with a fledgling playwright battering out his sacred prose on a typewriter, only to be joined by a motley crew of theatre folk Ė characters in the play he is writing Ė who teach him about the process of getting his play staged and explain all the technical terms.
Itís a little confusing, what with some actors operating both as characters and commentators, but itís great fun with some memorable, Marx Brothers-like moments, and snippets of dialogue worthy of the Manhattan bard himself.
Thoughts and musings from Ego Actus

★★★ THREE STARS Review of what do you mean in The Scotsman by Alison Kerr 12 Aug 2014
Ego Actus presented
The New York City Icon Plays: Love in An Irish Pub
November 6 to 23, 2014

Playwrights included:
  • Allan Knee, Little Women & Late Nite Comic on Broadway
  • Ron Burch, Hollywood movies Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Yours, Mine & Ours, & Head Over Heels
  • Judith Leora is the Managing Director of New York Madness
  • Steven Korbar, many plays produced in LA & NY
  • Penny Jackson, Outstanding New Script in Planet Connections
  • Bruce A! Kraemer, 59e59 & Edinburgh Fringe
  • Annette Storckman, NYC Fringe & Dixon Place
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